Marland Oil Museum

The Marland Oil Museum presents the saga of the amazing success of E. W. Marland's early oil company in Ponca City, Oklahoma, and its ultimate takeover.
Many flamboyant personalities created the Oklahoma oil industry in the early 20th century, but none equaled E.W. Marland.

Marland's vision and tireless energy formed a progressive company whose ideals and innovations continue to this day.

E. W. Marland

Murals and artifacts highlight the Marland oil boom and the prosperity that followed.

In the early 1920's, Marland Oil controlled 10 percent of the oil
reserves in the world.



"Meet them at the pump."
Marland Oil service stations provided first-rate service.

The End of Marland's Reign

After only 17 years in business, E.W. Marland became the victim of a hostile takeover by J.P. Morgan. Visitors to the museum learn about his defeat, the merger with Continental Oil (Conoco), and the later political successes E.W. Marland achieved.

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The Marland Oil Company

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